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How Effective is your AED Program?

by on May 24, 2017

The information below is from MISBO Vendor AED Brands:

Implementing and maintaining an AED program goes beyond the purchase of the AED.  State and Federal requirements, as well as liability protection must also be considered.

An EFFECTIVE AED program is about managing all the components necessary to ensure compliance. However, it’s challenging to have the time and resources to keep a program up-to-date.

An EFFECTIVE AED program will have policies and procedures that outline the AED program criteria, responsibility of rescuers, maintenance guidelines, operational steps for use, post event procedures, reporting mechanisms and will be your overall guide that outlines the AED program as a whole.

By implementing an AED program in your school or business, you do not add any legal liability, as long as your AED is properly maintained.

An AED Program Management Solution will provide the administrative relief and assurance in the maintenance of an AED Program.  It reduces administrative time and helps ensure your program is rescue ready.

Customized Program Management:

It is understood that proper management of an AED program is paramount, but every customer’s needs are different.  This is why there are multiple solutions at various levels to meet your budget and help ensure accountability and compliance for your program.

An AED solution can include:

  • Physician prescription & oversight
  • Web-based tracking
  • Local registration – compliance with state and federal guidelines
  • Post-event services
  • CPR/AED Certification
  • Documentation
  • Online Resource Library
  • Site assessments
  • In-service calls
  • Product software upgrades
  • Annual on-site maintenance checks

Are Your AEDs Ready and Compliant?

Here are some important questions for anyone managing AEDs:

  • Are you certain every one of your AEDs is ready and will work in an emergency?
  • Do you know the current self-test status of every AED in your program?
  • Are you checking AED status regularly?
  • Do you know when to replace the pads and batteries for each of your AEDs?
  • Are you tracking the responders assigned to your AEDs?
  • Who will you call in order to train your responders in using AEDs and CPR?
  • Do you know when your responders will need re-training to maintain their rescue skills?
  • Can you quickly and accurately review the current status of all your AEDs and trained responders?

Having trouble answering these questions? If so, a formal, online AED management program solution, could make your life a lot easier.

For more information from AED Brands on AEDs, contact Christine Doran, Territory Manager at


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