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From the ED 12.1.16

Dear Colleagues,

The last few weeks since I wrote has been an interesting, and in many cases, difficult time in America. The surprising results of the presidential election have created challenges for educators and especially for our independent schools. Many of my colleagues, other leaders of independent school associations, have commented on their concerns and for the most part I echo their sentiments – mostly that we need to be even more focused on our mission and more devoted to serving the students at our schools.

Independent schools have a shared vision which includes character development for our students. This one focus sets our schools apart from most other educational institutions. Inclusivity, embracing diversity, ensuring our students are equipped to function in a global society, and so much more are the other components that make independent school education a unique, valuable, and rewarding experience for our students. I believe that these attributes and many more are the core values of our independent schools. I look to all of you to continue to lead in a manner that demonstrates your commitment to your school’s mission.

I also want to be sure that you all saw the recent announcement from the NAIS Board of Trustees appointing Donna Orem as the new president of NAIS. Click here for more information. I have known Donna for many years and was excited to hear about her appointment to this very important leadership role at NAIS. Donna is an innovative thought leader. She brings significant experience to this role and her knowledge of independent schools encompasses all facets. Her recent work with leadership in our schools is particularly important to me and to your schools. I want to wish Donna all of the best as she takes on this new role.

MISBO is continually striving to bring more resources to our members and to provide greater value for your membership. We are excited to introduce The MISBO Network: a collection of characters which we hope will become a part of your personal network providing real solutions to your everyday hot topics:


Marc Levinson
Executive Director, MISBO

We power independent schools.™

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