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Being Prepared for an Emergency with Magnus911

by on September 21, 2016

What keeps you awake at night?  For leaders at independent schools it is the safety and security of their students.  Below is some information on Magnus911 by Magnus Health, a new MISBO Vendor:

Being Prepared for an Emergency with Magnus911

It would be great if we didn’t have to think about emergency situations, but that is not realistic. Things happen, and we must be prepared when they do. Knowing that students spend approximately 28% of their day at school, safety and quality healthcare is a top priority. Officials work tirelessly to prepare for unexpected situations, including incidents on field trips, injuries on the athletic field, and health emergencies in class.

During a chaotic emergency, time is extremely critical. Do you have time to track down and organize a student’s health information? Do you stop to consider what medications they’re taking or what allergies they have? What about chronic conditions? It’s doubtful that you will have enough time to run over to the health center and remove or copy the student’s health file before rushing over to the local emergency room.

Magnus Health has the solution for this. Magnus911 is an emergency response module that moves action plans forward. Schools can take advantage of Magnus911 and solve the problems associated with quickly accessing student medical information in emergency situations.

All of the vital health information is available in the most secure, efficient, and accessible manner. Chaperones, coaches, athletic trainers, emergency responders, and emergency room staff can now have the health essentials at their fingertips via mobile device, computer, or fax, allowing them to move forward with treatment in a more timely manner. Healthcare providers have the benefit of being able to access the student’s health history, allowing them to provide the highest level of care possible.

Magnus911 allows you to take proactive steps to aid in your response and recovery. With Magnus911, you’re empowered to electronically deliver the student’s health information to the point of care, ensuring the best possible care is available to students when they need it the most.

How Magnus911 worksmagnus

Scenario: Jimmy, a student living on-campus, sees a friend outside of his dorm room, opens the window and the window crashes down on his fingers. The school nurse is contacted and decides Jimmy needs to go to the emergency room.

How would you reach out to Jimmy’s emergency contacts and gather his medical information and permission to treat?

Since less than 50% of schools use an electronic student health record, many school nurses would need to copy their paper chart before returning to treat Jimmy. Even if you have an electronic school health record, you likely have to print copies or reports of health information. Either process is time-consuming and takes you away from Jimmy, who is injured and scared.

In the situation above, the Magnus911 administrator would immediately call an ambulance. Following the phone call, they would use their smartphone to find and call Jimmy’s emergency contacts using the Magnus Mobile app. Jimmy’s medical records can also be faxed directly to the emergency room through the Magnus911 feature. The medical record includes allergies, insurance, permission to treat, medical concerns, active medications, and current providers.

Magnus911 is accessible from any internet-connected device, including smartphones. With Magnus911, you are able to protect your students and their private information. Students are assigned a unique 16-digit identifier that is valid for 24 hours and grants first responders access to the patient’s health records. Inside Magnus911, you can fax vital health information to a hospital while the student is in transit, as well as send alerts and updates to emergency contacts.

Emergency preparedness is critical, and so is being able to spend time treating the student instead of searching for information. Magnus Mobile and Magnus911 allow you to focus your time where it needs to be – on the student.

About Magnus Health

Magnus Health strives to improve the collection, tracking and managing of student health information. They currently support over 450 independent K-12 schools, including 31 of the top 50 boarding schools in the US.

Learn more about Magnus Health at or request a free Live Demo.


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