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As Students Return, So Do Exposures

by on August 17, 2016

MISBO-VendorThe content below is generously provided by MISBO Vendor EIS (Education Insurance Services).  EIS is a sister company to United Educators (UE), the only carrier owned and governed by the educational institutions it insures.

As Students Return, So Do Exposures

Back-to-school is often a time of eager anticipation for administrators, teachers, students, and their families. Yet for the business officer, this is an important time to be mindful of the heightened risks during the early weeks of the school year. For new students in particular, who may not be familiar with the campus yet, take steps now to reduce the risk of:

Slips and falls: Always a common source of claims, a study of independent school claims by United Educators (UE) found the 39% of claims occurred on walkways (stairs, sidewalks, doorways) and 24% involved a water hazard (ice, spills, and sometimes snow). Take steps now to repair walkways and ensure that a process is in place to quickly address water issues.

Athletic injuries: Be mindful that injuries can occur within, and outside of, organized sports. In fact, UE has settled several high-dollar claims resulting from recreational activity at schools, such as an injury sustained from a biking accident.

Sexual assault: Sexual assault involving school employees and students is of heightened concern for independent schools due to recent media reports around this issue. In addition, of assault claims resulting in a loss, UE found the majority (58%) involved peer-to-peer sexual assault. Review and reinforce sexual misconduct policies for staff and students; conduct training on this important issue; and provide immediate attention and response when incidents are reported.

Fortunately, for most schools, the transition for incoming students this fall will go smoothly and set the course for a positive academic experience. Taking steps now to ensure their safety and well-being will go a long way toward making that happen.

For information about insurance that best protects your school from these unique exposures, visit, or direct your broker to, the online toolkit for Education Insurance Services (EIS). EIS is a sister company to United Educators, the nation’s largest liability insurer dedicated solely to education.

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