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Student Transportation update from MISBO Vendor BusMax

by on May 20, 2016

Busmax Logo CorrectAs many of you are aware, most schools are no longer permitted to rent, purchase, or operate 15 passenger VANS. Many insurance companies will no longer insure 15 passenger VANS. There seems to be some confusion surrounding this issue, and we wanted to take a moment to clarify.

Schools ARE permitted to rent, purchase, and operate 15 passenger Multi-Function School Activity Buses (MFSAB). These buses meet all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) for carrying students and children. These are the buses that schools are required to rent, specifically because they do meet all safety standards mandated by the federal government. BusMax, who has been serving schools for forty-years, has an entire fleet of Multi-Function Activity Buses available to schools, for school-term and longer-term rentals.  In some cases BusMax can also offer daily rental options.

You can contact Meryl Healy at BusMax with any questions you may have and find out what options are best for your school.

Meryl Healy
Marketing and Sales
Email :


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