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From the ED 1.7.16

Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Year and welcome to 2016! This year marks the 40th Anniversary for MISBO!

MISBO 40th logoMISBO’s founder, Ken White, former business officer at Westminster Schools, Atlanta, GA, had an idea which he turned into a reality. He wanted independent schools to be connected, working together to contract with vendors serving independent schools to save money for all schools. He recognized the power of collective purchasing so the MISBO Purchasing Consortium was born and still thrives today. He also recognized the importance of networking and collaborating with his peers and this has never been stronger at MISBO. As we embark on a year long celebration of 40 years of MISBO, and of Ken’s vision, the three primary convictions of MISBO remain intact:

  • Purchasing Consortium
  • Professional Development
  • Networking

Much has stayed the same and much has changed with MISBO over the past 40 years. We now serve 326 school in 16 states. As we have communicated to all of you, MISBO is progressing through our branding (re-branding) project. MISBO wants to ensure that each of you, as well as any independent school and anyone serving independent schools, fully understands who we are, what we do, and most importantly what we stand for. You will be seeing a new “look and feel” for MISBO in the coming months. This will include a restated mission, new logo, updated website, new focus on vendor interface, and much more.

MISBO board and staff continually strive to find new and innovative ways to serve our member schools. In an effort to anticipate your needs now and well into the future we will spend time over a two-day board meeting in February exploring ideas for strategic initiatives moving forward. With facilitation by Carla Silver, Executive Director, Leadership + DesignMISBO will be using a design thinking/strategic design process to consider our future. I am currently reading Change By Design by Tim Brown, President & CEO, IDEO. This quote on page 68 resonated with me:

“The natural tendency of most companies is to constrain problems and restrict choices in favor of the obvious and the incremental. Though this tendency may be more efficient in the short run, in the long run it tends to make an organization conservative, inflexible, and vulnerable to game-changing ideas from outside. Divergent thinking is the route, not the obstacle to innovation.”

In addition to the book and if you are interested in learning more about IDEO and Tim Brown’s thoughts, you can watch this TED Talk or read this article.

I believe that this idea of “natural tendency” continues to be true for many of our schools as well as for MISBO for much of its 40 years. One New Year’s resolution for MISBO is to embrace strategic thinking and strategic design to build upon the successes of the past 40 years in order to provide each of our schools the resources you need to be successful – well into the future.

What are your resolutions? How can MISBO help?

I look forward to seeing you at any of our MISBO 2016 Events, hearing from you, and helping you succeed in 2016.


Marc Levinson
Executive Director, MISBO



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  1. Amy Madsen permalink

    I am so fortunate to be a part of MISBO as a member school and Board member. This is an exciting time for us and I look forward to celebrating MISBO’s 40th year!

  2. Amy – MISBO is lucky to have you and others as board members helping to guide us into the future!
    Thank you,

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