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From the ED 7.2.15

Dear Colleagues,

Yesterday was July 1st. For MISBO, as well as so many of our schools, that means the beginning of a new fiscal year (and of course all of the work that goes with closing the old fiscal year). In our community July is a time of new beginnings. This year has seen a large number of transitions at the Head position, nearly all of which begin on July 1st. If you have a new head and have not had a chance to read my article, Advanced Placement: Evaluating the Head of School Transition, you can find it here.

This is also the time for some schools to welcome a new business officer. I am beginning my next article, which will discuss business officer transitions. One portion of this article will be to propose that July 1st is a terrible time for a new business officer to begin at a school; I am proposing that schools consider a December/January time frame. If any of your schools have just gone through this transition, or are considering this for the near future, please feel free to contact me. I plan to highlight three schools as case studies which will be a significant portion of this article.

I just read this article by author Michael Horn, Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools.  If you have not had a chance to read Michael’s book, this short article may spark your interest. I hope your schools are considering some form of blended learning. Most of our schools still follow an antiquated model of education where children are grouped by age, which is a holdover from the industrial revolution and the need to be “efficient” with our educational systems. Independent schools are in a unique position to lead education into the future. We will be discussing this and so much more at the MISBO Fall 2015 ConferenceDisrupting 21st Century Schools – see below for more information.

Other News and Reminders:

Membership Dues Renewal:

Thank you to all of the schools that have renewed their memberships and paid the renewal dues in a timely manner. As you know with collecting tuition from families, the more efficient the process the more resources MISBO has to focus on member benefits. For those of you that have not submitted your payments they were due June 30th. If you have any questions or need any assistance with credit card payments, please feel free to contact Jean Horn at or at 404-921-3815.

For more information on the renewal process click here.

MISBO Fall 2015 Conference:

The MISBO Fall 2015 Conference will be held in Asheville, NC, October 7-9, 2015. The full schedule and all information can be found at Jim Honan, Senior Lecturer on Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education will be providing the opening keynote to get us thinking about the future of education and your role. Jim has worked extensively with independent schools over the years and his leadership has been instrumental in much of the thinking and discussion of financial sustainability.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!



Marc Levinson
Executive Director, MISBO
Twitter: @MISBOconnects   @Marcll
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