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From the ED 2.19.15

Dear Colleagues,

As MISBO evolves we strive to continually improve as all of you do with your schools. Communication from MISBO to our members is a key ingredient in this continual process of improvement. We are updating our newsletter communication starting in March. We want to ensure that you still receive timely and important information in an easily readable format.

The two most important MISBO member benefits are Professional Development and our Purchasing Program. MISBO will continue to provide two newsletters (electronic) per month. One will begin in the same manner with “From the ED” (an article by me about current topics for independent schools). Additionally, this newsletter will be focused on MISBO live events, webinars, and other timely important news and resources.

The second newsletter will be focused on information about MISBO’s vendors, changes in contracts, new vendors, as well as important and timely information from our vendors. This will include information about MISBO’s Electronic Resources vendors as well which will be a significant focus during the busy spring season.

We know that Professional Development (conference and webinar) registrations are very time sensitive and MISBO wants to be sure you do not miss any important deadlines. So we will be supplementing that newsletter with a short 1-2 minute video reminder with important reminders and deadlines. We are very excited to announce that these videos will be created by students at MISBO member schools!

Would you like to see your school highlighted? If your school is interested in showcasing your students through these videos, please contact Michelle Shea, Director, Membership and Marketing at to be included in the schedule.

As always, we want to hear from you. With these changes, and any others, MISBO wants to be sure we are serving the needs of our schools in the most appropriate ways. Please let us know.

I look forward to seeing some of you next week in Boston (yes it will be cold and snowy). I am presenting at the NBOA Annual Meeting Wednesday, February 25th at 10:30 am and the NAIS Annual Conference on Thursday, February 26th at 1:30 pm. Both presentations will be about the article I have just written – Advanced Placement: Evaluating the Head of School Transition. We are hoping for some good conversation about this through Twitter at #MISBOAP so mark your calendars now for April 14th, May 12th and June 9th at 4:00 pm ET for Twitter Chats.  Please join us! You can follow me @marcll or MISBO @MISBOConnects.


Marc Levinson
Executive Director, MISBO
Twitter: @MISBOconnects   @Marcll
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