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Book Recommendations for 2015

As we welcome in 2015, I wanted to pass along this list of book recommendations for the new year!  This is a great time in the school year to look at things differently, stretch your mind, and develop new ideas and approaches.  Enjoy!

Leading From The Edge – Annmarie Neal

NAIS Trendbook 14-15 – NAIS (4th in the series)

#EdJourney – Grant Lichtman

Just BE Cause – Syreeta Gates

Being Intentional – Dr. R. John Young

One Hundred Thirteen Million Markets of ONE – Chris Norton & Ross Honeywill

Playing to Win – Roger L. Martin

Super Boards – William R. Mott

World Class Learners – Dr. Zhao

Liberal Arts at the Brink – Victor D. Ferrall Jr.

If you’re already through most of these, you can refer to our other posts with other recommendations for “Great Reads“!

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