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From the ED 8.28.14

Dear Colleagues

In the Summer 2014 Hawken Review (Hawken School), D. Scott Looney, Head of School, presents “The Future For Education: Why Hawken Has To Lead”. I have read through this a couple of times now and passed it along to many colleagues. To start Scott says “In my 28 years in education, I have never been more excited or so fearful for the future of education and the future of this world.” This is a pretty powerful statement, but one that I believe we all should consider as we go about our daily work of educating children.

Much has been talked about and written in recent years about the future of education, 21st century skills, the sustainability and more importantly the relevancy of our schools (our entire educational system) as we move further into the unknowns of the 21st century. Scott reminds us of a story that Ian Jukes (@ijukes) tells about the space shuttle and its relationship to the Roman Empire – you can read about this in Hawken Review or here by Jukes.

As I travel around the MISBO region, the US and internationally, I am consistently asked by school leaders if I can point to a school(s) that are truly 21st century innovative schools. Hawken School in Cleveland, Ohio is a great example. Scott and his team have made some difficult decisions to challenge the status quo at Hawken over the years. They are fundamentally changing the approach to education. I had the opportunity to speak with Scott last week and two significant points he made are worth sharing:

  • Hawken School continues to innovate. They have been successful, but he believes they are only beginning and will continue to be innovative in their approach to education.
  • Independent schools as an ‘industry’ are uniquely poised to lead the revolution in education for all sectors of K-12 education (perhaps even providing higher education with some ideas). Our schools have the resources, and the nimbleness to experiment, to innovate, to fail, and to lead. We have an obligation to ALL children to “swim against the tide of our misguided educational practices…”

I encourage all of you to read this uplifting and very practical piece by Scott.

By now nearly all of your schools have opened for the new school year. I miss this time dearly. This time of year as new students, faculty, staff, parents arrive at your doors is a time of renewal and awakening – a time to remember that we have very important work to do – the education of our children.

That said, we also have some “new” at MISBO… I would like to introduce Lindsay Cuppia as MISBO’s new Administrative Assistant.  I am thrilled to welcome Lindsay who joins us with a strong background in office administration.  Lindsay is a valuable addition to the MISBO staff and she will provide much-needed assistance to all MISBO staff Directors.  Lindsay will now be answering our main phone line at MISBO, so if you speak with her, please introduce yourselves.  Welcome to MISBO Lindsay!



Marc Levinson
Executive Director, MISBO
Twitter: @MISBOconnects   @Marcll

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