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DASL data collection is now open!

by on August 21, 2014

MISBO has collaborated with NAIS and 33 other associations serving independent schools to work together to collect your data through Data and Analysis for School Leadership (DASL) by NAIS..

What this collaboration means:

  • Fewer surveys.  When you put your data in DASL, they will go to many of the organizations to which your school belongs.
  • Shorter surveys.  Based on characteristics you provide, your school will see only the questions relevant to you.  For example, girls’ schools will not be asked for boys’ enrollment.
  • More choices.  This year, you will have the option of downloading an Excel template into which you can enter your data, then upload the file to DASL, confirm that your data populated correctly, and finalize your entry.
  • Faster system.  DASL is on the cloud, with state-of-the art security and speed.

More information can be found at  You do NOT need to be an NAIS member school to participate.  You can contact Marc Levinson with any questions.

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