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From the ED 6.5.14

Dear Colleagues,

I know many of you had a similar experience as we moved our calendar (virtual or paper) to June. One aspect of school life and culture that I have come to embrace is the concept of cycles. The school year, and therefore the experiences of all members of the school community, are predicated upon the cycle. We plan accordingly for both time off and projects that can only be accomplished during certain times of the year. As with our daily circadian rhythms that help us sleep, work, eat, and play each day, the school year (calendar) provides a rhythm for our activities and helps to guide our planning.

I had lunch the other day with the Head of School at one of our member schools and he inquired about the cycle for MISBO and the work of the association. I have spent the past 7 years now in associations and there is a definite cycle to our work as well. It is certainly guided by the school year. MISBO does not experience the dramatic shifts that occur with your schools, but we pay close attention to the school year when planning our programs, events, communication, etc. MISBO does use the ‘quieter’ time of the summer for certain projects.  I mentioned in my last letter our big one this year is the implementation of our new association database management system and website. We also use this time for planning and improving. Next week we will finish the final conference of the year (New Business Officer Intensive) and we are well into planning for the MISBO Annual Conference in November in Tampa, Florida. We are also planning our new Facilities Conference for January and finalizing the location for the 2015 FISBO/MISBO conference along with the 2015 MISBO Annual Conference. Get ready for some truly targeted professional development for all our members!

MISBO will continue to be in touch all summer long even as many of you take some well-deserved time off. Summer is a good time to review your purchasing programs and to consider the vast array of vendor contracts that MISBO offers its members. Check out our vendors at Jay Danielson is MISBO’s Director of Vendor Relations and is ready to answer any questions and can be reached at or 404.921.3813.

Happy Summer!


Marc Levinson
Executive Director, MISBO
Twitter: @MISBOconnects   @Marcll

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