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From the ED 4.24.14

Dear Colleagues,

MISBO New Business Officer Intensive

We all have stories to tell about the work we do at our schools. New business officers, as well as most people coming into this unique ‘industry’ need to learn about the culture of independent schools to be successful in their roles. MISBO’s New Business Officer Intensive, June 8-10 at Woodward Academy in Atlanta – – provides a unique opportunity for business officers who are fairly new to this industry to learn from a faculty of seasoned independent school professionals and to network with their peers from schools throughout the southeast. In our schools, the role of business officer can feel isolated. You are the only one in your school that does what you do and most other (maybe all) do not truly understand your role or the value your work brings to the success of the school.

Most business officers find themselves in a life and/or career transition when they begin at an independent school. Many don’t have a full concept of what the job entails or even how to function in this new world. The variety of responsibilities of a business officer is extreme and none of us are fully equipped to manage all of this when we begin. On my first day at Alexander Dawson School, I walked in the door of the building where I was told my office would be, I was greeted by Shirley who was very excited to meet me and welcome me to Dawson School. After the initial greeting, the next words out of her mouth were “I am very sorry to be the one to tell you this” – you can imagine what was going through my mind. I will tell more of this story and others to open the New Business Officer Intensive. The short story is that the school was burglarized the night before and all of the school’s servers were stolen. It was an interesting first day of work during which time I learned a great deal about how my school functioned.

I believe that this program will be incredibly valuable for anyone who has been at schools for less than five years and perhaps even longer. Also, this will be a great program if you are a relatively new Head of School – in two days you will learn about:

  • The Role of The Business Officer
  • Financial Aid
  • Facilities Management
  • Risk Management
  • And much, much more!

Please feel free to call me at 404.921.3811 or email me at to learn more about this program and to hear more of the story.


Marc Levinson
Executive Director, MISBO
Twitter: @MISBOconnects   @Marcll


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