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From the ED 3.27.14

Dear Colleagues,

Where is your special place where you can go to relax, refresh and revitalize? Mine has been Southeastern Utah for much of the past 35 years. The area around Moab, UT is surrounded by Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park. The desert of the southwest United States can feel remote and isolated. For some, it takes more effort to find the beauty. If you are a city person it can be uncomfortable at times because it is very quiet and remote. The trail to Delicate Arch is one of my favorites. It is relatively short, but can be challenging especially if the temperatures are high.

This hike and this area have a special place in my heart from my years as the Business Manager at Alexander Dawson School. I learned so much about our school, our culture, our faculty, our programs and most importantly the students at our school by helping to lead the 8th grade class trip to Utah each spring. We took about 50 8th graders to camp, hike, raft, and explore the desert each year. I look back upon my 6 years at Dawson and these trips were the highlight each year. I believe (and many of you have heard me say this) that these trips and my close involvement with the students at Dawson were the most important and most rewarding times for me as a Business Manager. It was this interaction with the students that I believe led to my success at Dawson and subsequently has inspired my work with NBOA and now with MISBO.

I would encourage each of you to find the passion with your work at your school that connects you directly with the children, because at the end of the day, that is why we get up and do our work every day.

As you read this, I will be hiking in Utah with my family. I know that most of our schools are either on break, have just had a break, or will soon have a break. I also know that it is tempting to work during that time because it can be quiet and you may accomplish more than on a normal busy week. However, I would also encourage you to consider your mental and physical health – you can only add great value to your school when you are fresh and energized. Please remember to take some time for yourself.


Marc Levinson
Executive Director, MISBO
Twitter: @MISBOconnects @Marcll

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One Comment
  1. Marc, It is so hard to take a break during Spring Break for Business Officers. Thank you for encouraging us to relax a little when we can. I’ll let you know how my break turns out.

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