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From the ED 10.24.13

Dear Colleagues,

As you are reading this, I am in the middle of co-leading a four day workshop with a group of Business Officers from the NESA ( region (mostly schools in the Middle East). The theme of this year’s MISBO annual conference – The Global Future: Preparing Students and Shaping Schools – is so relevant for our schools right now since many of you are building some type of global initiative.  I have had wonderful opportunities to be able to travel around the world.  During my travels it has become increasingly clear to me that our students must be comfortable moving between countries and cultures.

The issues and challenges of the NESA schools are very similar to your schools. One of this year’s topics to be discussed will be about fundraising. Most of the international schools do not fundraise but they are considering this option as a new means of raising additional revenue. It is interesting that our keynote speaker on Tuesday morning, Dr. Soghoian, will be telling us how one school has been very successful charging tuition at what it actually costs for each student to attend.

I just finished a five day trek in the Himalayas. It was a wonderful and refreshing experience. No technology and no connection beyond the trek allows one time to think and contemplate. Obviously I look forward to seeing this year’s conference attendees this weekend for a great professional development opportunity but I also encourage you to find some time in the coming months for yourself – time to refresh and rejuvenate.


Marc Levinson
Executive Director, MISBO
Twitter:  @marcll   @MISBOconnects

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