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Reading List

I have the opportunity to present at conferences all over the world. One part of my job that is very important to be successful is to read constantly. I try to keep up on what is happening in education, especially in the K-12 sector. I use the information and inspiration from my readings to help me prepare for presentations to help my audiences think about the important issues facing their schools. I tend to talk about books and authors during most of these presentations and I am consistently asked for a ‘reading list’. The list below is in no particular order. I believe that every book on this list is well worth reading and will help the leaders of our schools think about the successful and relevant future of our schools. I know that many of you have read many of these books and probably many that are not listed. Let me know what you’re reading that has been inspiring.

Happy Reading!

Marc Levinson
Executive Director, MISBO
Twitter:   @marcll

  • Disrupting Class – Christensen, Horn, & Johnson
  • The Innovator’s Dilemma – Christensen
  • The Innovator’s Solution – Christensen, Raynor
  • How Will You Measure Your Life – Christensen
  • Creating Innovators – Wagner
  • The Global Achievement Gap – Wagner
  • Why School – Richardson
  • Mind the Gap – Soghoian
  • The One World Schoolhouse – Khan
  • What Would Google Do – Jarvis
  • Drive – Pink
  • A Whole New Mind – Pink
  • Good to Great – Collins
  • How the Mighty Fall – Collins
  • Great by Choice – Collins
  • Catching Up or Leading the Way – Zhao
  • That Used to be Us – Friedman, Mandelbaum

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