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From the ED 7.3.13

Dear Colleagues,

I am preparing this week to serve on the faculty for the Association of Independent School Admission Professionals (AISAP) Annual Admission Institute which will be hosted by Harpeth Hall in Nashville, TN. I have had the opportunity to be part of this great event for many years. Typically, I am one of only a couple of ‘business officer’ type people. Business Officers and admission professionals at independent schools must work very closely together to help ensure their schools’ success. Admissions (tuition) account for about 85% of the revenues for most of our schools and approaches 100% in some schools. Additionally, financial aid can be viewed as the greatest expense after compensation. For these two reasons, among others, the admission professionals need to be integrated into the financial decision making process of our schools.

In a recently released report by SSATB – 2013 State of the Independent School Admission Industry, I was very troubled to see the following statistics:

Only 13 % of Admission Directors have a key role in setting tuition.

Role in Tuition

Only 16 % of Admission Directors have a key role in determining the amount of financial aid offered by their schools.

Role in FA

This makes no sense to me! I was fortunate in my time as a business officer to work with an Admission Director (a former AISAP Board Member) who was fully involved in these processes. His advice and counsel as we worked together with our Head of School, Board Finance Committee, and full Board of Trustees was invaluable to the success of our school. A for-profit organization would never consider excluding their VP Sales & Marketing from these types of strategic decisions. It is critical that our independent schools become more sophisticated in their inclusion of the key people in the most important decisions impacting their school’s future.

Organizations such as AISAP and SSATB are actively promoting the profession of Admissions on a national scale. I encourage you to help promote this within your school.

Celebrate Independence!

Marc Levinson
Executive Director, MISBO
Twitter:  @marcll

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  1. How did it all turn out, Marc?

  2. Marc Levinson permalink

    Great conference – great group of people. The sessions were small, but good conversation.
    thanks for asking.

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