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From the ED 6.20.13

Dear Colleagues,

I recently discussed a bit from the new book “Mind The Gap!” by Dr. Richard J. Soghoian. I was in New York City this week and had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Soghoian and had a personal tour of his amazing school – Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School – the oldest non-sectarian private school in the United States. Dr. Soghoian is very proud (rightfully so) of what has been accomplished during his tenure as Headmaster beginning in 1981. MISBO is honored to have Dr. Soghoian as our keynote speaker on Tuesday at the 2013 MISBO-SAIS Annual Conference. Dr. Soghoian will talk about his thoughts on a sustainable financial model for independent schools – perhaps a bit different from what you have heard others discuss. See more about the conference in this newsletter. Registration is now open – see you in October!

The recently completed first MISBO New Business Officer Intensive was by all accounts a huge success. The event was attended by 30 new, barely working, and aspiring business officers from around our region. The six faculty (all MISBO board members) provided specific content related sessions, but most importantly the opportunity for the attendees to network and get to know some peers. One attendee, Deepak Ghosh, who hopes to land a business officer position at an independent school, writes:

“It was an illuminating experience and, quite an eye-opener for someone like me who is an outsider to the community. My resolve to become a part of the independent school community remains unshaken.”

The 2013 MISBO – SAIS Benchmarking Survey will open on August 18th. Last year well over 200 schools participated and received valuable data about their peer schools. We hope to have 400 schools participate in 2013. Be sure your school is one of them!


Marc Levinson
Executive Director, MISBO
Twitter:  @marcll

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