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From the ED 1.31.13

Dear Colleagues,

During a recent conversation I had with Pat Bassett, President of NAIS, and a number of the NAIS senior leadership team, we were exploring the question of the key issues facing independent schools today, and how data can help schools make decisions that are mission appropriate and relevant. The issue that rose to the top during this conversation was again the question of financial sustainability – which includes the related challenges of enrollment management, rising tuitions, dramatically increased financial aid budgets, FTE growth, and donor fatigue.

The 2012 MISBO/SAIS Benchmarking Survey collected information to help your schools answer some of these challenging questions. With information from over 200 schools in our region, this is the greatest single repository of data for our members. Only those schools that submitted data have full access to the benchmarking tool. Some of you have been using this information since it was released last November to help make decisions on tuition rates and compensation among others. Damian Kavanagh, Vice-President Accreditation & Membership at SAIS, and I have consolidated some key points into a table which you can download here. These data points are the means for all of the schools that participated in the 2012 survey. If you participated, you are able to create your own benchmark groups and slice and dice this data in a number of ways. If not, this chart will give you an idea of some key points for our region.

As we begin to develop the survey for 2013, we are open to your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to contact me. The more schools that participate – the greater the value for all our schools. This survey is a member benefit for all MISBO/SAIS member schools.



Marc Levinson
Executive Director, MISBO

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